Morning star......insights??

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I pulled a 5* morning star ( i have 5* mephisto for synergy). As of now i am on 5.3
How good is she? Utilities?play style?


  • CaptainPollCaptainPoll Posts: 901 ★★★

    She’s very good but she kinda needs the awakening. There’s a few play styles: 1. Heavy attack get the power gain going and say for example your fighting venom or someone with a ton of buffs fire off that sp2 and watch them melt. Or just simply keep on using the sp3 to get souls up, this is the best method in big fights. She’s a killing machine for champs that gain buffs. When she’s awakened she’ll gain a copy of an opponents buff whether it be fury, power gain or regeneration. Those are the three buffs she can gain if awakened. So if she copies say hyperions power gain and you use your heavy you’ll have double power gain which can really help. If your fighting against a regen champ like wolverine your going to be constantly gaining health. Or if your against anyone with a fury buff you’ll copy that. With her Mephisto synergy she starts the fight with one bar of power. If you have the Guillotine synergy if you don’t have any souls you’ll instantly gain one. With the majik and Angela synergy your buffs last longer. Hope this helps. Sorry if it’s long I love the champ!

    Thnx bro thts really helpful
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