Beast signature ability chain combo bugged


I've had on going issues when using Beast where his signature ability does any one of the following;

1. When in freestyle form - Once a combo is completed and the timer resets, the combo can not be started again. In other words, no direct damge per hit.
2. When in Acrobatic form - Blocking and then completing a combo does not regenerate health per move.
3. Switching forms after special attack - Sometimes the form switch does not happen and you are left in no form. Neither the freestyle/acrobatic icon is present in buffs.

The majority of these problems are linked with the switching between forms. I can sometimes get these fixed if i try and use a special again. But issue 1 is new and only just happened to me today.

This does not happen with every fight, but i am noticing this is more frequent than previous game versions. I've looked in the forum and was suprised when i could not find another topic on this (Probably just didn't look that hard).

Beast is awesome because of his signature ability and it would be nice to see this fixed instead of me consistently yelling at my screen when it doesn't work.


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    AnonymousAnonymous Posts: 508 ★★★
    This is a good question. I have seen this happen a couple times as well. My 4* beast is r5 sig 95, but I don't know if there's a chance of it not happening at all.
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    adqqedfyvradqqedfyvr Posts: 463
    My beast has been playing up in arenas today. Acrobatic combo won't trigger but freestyle will. He is a dupe so should work
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    Hey gang,

    @Dongowarrior Thanks for that information. I'm bringing this to our teams.
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