Nearly Uncollected. Need some help

I am really close to becoming uncollected. I am having trouble at quest 3 chapter 2. I was wanting to know what was the best path and which path would likely take less revives (since I used all mine). I was also wanting to know the best masteries and champs. I use 4* Nick Fury maxed, 4* Archangel maxed, 4* Spider gwen maxed, 4* Corvus Glaive maxed, and usually a swap between maxed 4*Iceman, 5* Sentinel Rank 3 maxed and Mordo 5* rank 3 maxed.


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    I’d go sentinel to keep on the team the rest of they way
  • manan_44manan_44 Posts: 165
    [email protected]_N_D_G_A_M_E for that quest the phoenix path is probably the best. But look out for quake and spider gwen. Plus, buddy you and I both have 4 star maxed iceman and rank 3 5 star sentinel. Here is your final team:
    Nick fury, Corvus, Archangel, Sentinel and Iceman (I would leave Spider gwen and have sentinel and iceman because double immunity champs are awesome!)
    This team is perfect for being uncollected. Hope that helps!
  • E_N_D__G_A_M_EE_N_D__G_A_M_E Posts: 98
    Thanks manam_44
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    @E_N_D__G_A_M_E you are most welcome buddy
  • E_N_D__G_A_M_EE_N_D__G_A_M_E Posts: 98
    I got through quest 3, now I am stuck on quest 4. I watched Seatin to find out the smallest path, however, I am not sure which champs would be suitable for which charcaters
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    Yo dude are you uncollected now? I really hope so
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    If you aren't uncollected already, I would use Corvus, Sentinel, Archangel, Nick Fury and use the 5th spot for whoever you need for the quest.

    With masochism, the main thing is making sure that your parries stick when you land them. I would parry at the start of every fight to disable masochism. They won't heal because they'll be at full health. You can use corvus when he can get his missions and use your other team members for other fights. Keep an eye on that masochism timer though, and be patient. Sentinel and Corvus can handle storm.

    With bane, you'll want to practice against that first moon knight over and over again until you get used to the bane timer. If you want more of a challenge, bring in a 4/40 or a 3/30 against him. Please don't attempt this chapter until you can comfortably solo moon knight. I think there is a true strike path that you can take.

    For the final quest, you should be much more used to bane. Corvus is going to be your best bet here. Be sure to take the path with yondu and use corvus against him, spidergwen and the other mutant/avenger. Once you get 4 charges with corvus, it's a case of do as much damage to the collector as possible before you die.
    Good Luck!
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