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Disclaimer: Knowing very well that this would trigger more than majority of the fair share of forum users aka summoners, I am going to express my thoughts on a few aspects of the game. I welcome different perspective but just request to be civil.
. RNG I truly believe its perfectly okay to be a lot of garbage champs. MCOC is a game, not a basic human right. So no need to provide equality. We only get excited by pulling a Corvus because it could very well have been a Groot. If we could have picked our champs or most of them were on equal grounds this roller coaster ride would not work. The same reason I still prefer PHC over 3* crystals despite knowing that they are irrelevant in terms of reward but still there is a chance that I can beat the odd by pulling a 4*.
And why don’t we usually care about **** pulls from 4*? Cause you can get them so easily that whoever you want to play, more often than not you have him in your roster. If we were able to pick champ by choice from specific rarity most of the profiles would be carbon copy, (granting the champs are not overhauled, which would eliminate the fun of avoiding disaster 😂 ). For the same reason I don’t think drastic reward upgrade would bring much change to longevity of the game. You are bound to get bored when you have all you want.

Spenders vs F2P: Like any other company kabam has the responsibility to its investors. Constant popping up micro purchase deals are irritating as hell too. Do they put absolutely hilarious deals? Yes. But at the end it all depends on your in game or real life situation.
At the end of the day we pay only for time and entertainment. If you can spend your time on something which brings a fat buck no need to do mindless arena grinding. And about putting best of the best rewards behind pay wall like AQ rewards is not unreasonable too. The actual challenge is balancing it delicately so one with the highest dedication and skills can reflect on their profile.
Consuming half cooked info : I am not bashing tier list. On the contrary they are a very helpful tool. And those official / unofficial content creators are one of the vibrant threads of community. But many of us seems to get wrong idea from that. In terms of story quest up to end of act 5 very few to none requires specific counters. More than 50% of available champs if sufficiently ranked up can easily clear that content. Seatin specifically do this disclaimer everytime he updates his tier list. But many of us gets frustrated with first few pulls if they are not OP characters. I have seen the other end of spectrum too. When they clear content with joke of a roster in their mini accounts, some of us considers its absolutely doable for newbies to do like that. That's an an absolute disregard to thousand of hours of playing experiences, muscle memory.
What I intend to tell is about enjoying the game at each of our own pace. Putting goals are fine, but unhealthy obsession won't bring peace of mind which is the main job of a game from user's end.

English is not my first language.Please overlook grammatical / spelling errors.


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    FRITO_ManFRITO_Man Posts: 716 ★★★
    For the RNG part
    I understand that if people could pick champs, then it would stink. Everyone would pick Corvus, Nick etc...
    Do you think that it is fair for someone to complete hard content like Act 6, AOL, Variants etc.
    And pull **** like Groot? Not everyone likes playing with champs that aren't gods. I for one would never choose someone like Rogue over Omega Red, Domino, Havok etc
    They should make every champ at least somewhat useable. Maybe some nodes that boost Groot up in permanent content, or rebalance him
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