30EDF Recruiting ~ 8k+ Prestige Min.

U.S based alliance.
2 months old alliance by the end of this month.
AQ: 5x5
AW: Silver 2
Alliance rating: 24mill+
Alliance prestige at 27 players: 8,542

No min. event requirements.
Just show up for AQ and AW.
Line required.

Forward me your profile if interested in joining.
Line ID: d1a30 (doggy pic).

Look forward to chatting it up with you guys.


  • CH_MCOC_D1A30CH_MCOC_D1A30 Posts: 75
    Still on the lookout for quality players willing to come and chill with us. Consider this an investment that wiil eventually pay off. Pm if interested. Thanks.
  • CH_MCOC_D1A30CH_MCOC_D1A30 Posts: 75
    I'm looking to trim down my alliance. Will have 10 spots.
    Any ACTIVE groups of players welcome.
    100% maps 5 would be minimum requirement.
    Groups with map6 experience preferred, as we might run the other ones as well.

    Message me on line app if interested in joining;
    Line ID: d1a30

    - C&H
  • CH_MCOC_D1A30CH_MCOC_D1A30 Posts: 75
    ** 8 Spots Open Now **
  • CH_MCOC_D1A30CH_MCOC_D1A30 Posts: 75
    ** 7 Spots Open **
    Will be running AQ 5x5 for now but will eventually run Map6/7 when the team stabilizes.
    We do run AW simultaneously to get out of Silver2 bracket.

    PM if interested;
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