How To Use Black Widow Clairvoyant like an absolute pro!!

SatsuiNoHadouSatsuiNoHadou Posts: 657 ★★★

hello my dudes, in today's video we're gonna be taking a Depp dive into what makes her such an awesome champion in so different situations.

video breakdown is as follows:

section 1 - Omega Red vs BWCV mini on AW
section 2 - bwcv vs aarkus
section 3 - bwcv vs aarkus part 2
section 4 - bwcv vs annihilus
section 5 - vs hyperion
section 6 - vs void
section 7 - vs sunspot
section 8 - vs AQ6 Thanos boss
section 9 - vs Act 6.4.5 Adaptoid boss
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