Unique Special 3 Character Interactions

The absolute best part of this game, the reason so many of us were drawn to it in the first place, is that it takes place within the Marvel Universe. Many of the characters within the Marvel Universe have interesting and unique relationships with each other which I have always felt the game lacks in a certain way. Sure, synergies are cool but they miss out on that intimate connection that the characters share as far as real interaction goes.

Something I always wish the game had was unique special 3 animations. For example, when playing as Spider-man facing off against Venom, I wish the special 3 animation between them was more unique as they are characters that share a "Hero vs. Nemesis" role. Or it could even be something as detailed as having the entire Fantastic 4 on your team, when fighting against Doom there's a unique special 3 that appears.

Just a thought that I truly believe would make the game that much more special, appealing to our inner Marvel-loving child.


  • BudszBudsz Posts: 3
    This would be such an awesome addition to the game. Probably to complex and expensive for Kabam though. 🤪
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