Alliance Quest Timeout Penalty- Accidental Change


Last night, a change to the fight timeout penalty erroneously went live. Prior to this change, some Champions were able to avoid being knocked out when timing out with very low health.

This change to the Timeout penalty was not intentional at this time, and we’re working to revert it right now. It may not be possible for this to go into effect until this AQ is over though. We apologize for this situation and are evaluating appropriate compensation.

That said, Champions being able to survive a timeout at 1% Health is a bug. This breaks a rule of the structure of the game and needs to be addressed someday.

This was a fix that we were exploring, and was not meant to go live. It was one of a few different solutions we were looking at, and whatever solution we decide to move forward with, we will do it with advanced warnings, proper communication, compensation, and not in the middle of AW/AQ.

To reiterate, we are not rolling with this change at this time, and don’t have a timeline for when we will address this bug or a finalized plan for how.

We don’t think that this timeout play pattern is fun or healthy for the game and want to fix it, but only after we’ve done a deeper dive into where this change will make major impacts, and we also want to address the underlying reasons why a player might choose this way to complete content.

Conversations around this issue are ongoing, and we are working with players as well as the team to address it. We don’t have any more information to share on it at this time but will let you all know when we do and will give plenty of notice before we institute a fix for this bug.


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