Time To Fix Quake ONCE For ALL! (Evade Against Debuff immune?)

Why Does Quake EVADE against DEBUFF IMMUNE Opponents?
As you can see in the picture it literally says Evades as long as you have a concussion on the opponent!
CLEARLY in debuff immune fights, you don't have a concussion on them! so why she evades?!
This annoys me so much, people are taking advantage of this bug, one shoting our defenders in war and call themselves Professional players?! you ain't a professional player you're just taking advantage of a bug that KABAM should have fixed 5 years ago and didn't so be glad and thankful you used it for 5 years but as of now you DON'T!
I don't care if it lowers the value of quake cause it was not meant to work as of that in the first place, grew up!
This is BS that people use this and take advantage of this Quake & Bake BS in AW! KABAM please fix this once for all



  • AO8mileAO8mile Posts: 89
    @XZANDER44, Believe me, I have 5/65 quake and I know how to play stun immune BUT I hate to see people taking advantage of this against my Warlock, flair, magick, My other control champs on AW
    It's STUPID! so what! my defenders getting one-shot by a bug which is 5 years in the game?
    I'm 100% agree with kabam on this that you should not be able to 100% the map every war
    I'm playing since 2015 I remember old times where every alliance struggled to 100% the map and the war was FUN back then, Now it's just Quake, Quake, Quake can't pass this node use quake I can bring only quake in AW and still clear the whole path without even using Potions boosts and revives!
  • AO8mileAO8mile Posts: 89
    @Amadeo01 I don't think it should be passive
    It changed once taskmaster was introduced to the contest
    Awakened taskmaster can place single concussion for each basic attack you copy and 5 of them makes it a passive concussion ( or sp3 concussion), or Karnak's concussion
    it is totally different they should take this away cause it is not working as intended
  • AO8mileAO8mile Posts: 89
    @Agent_X_zzz Who cares! at least I tried my best to solve something in the contest! is it really fun for u guys to take advantage of a bug in the contest when it's clearly a bug?! I know it makes fights easier for u guys, u guys use less revives with these tactics my problem is with ALLIANCE WAR! I hate seeing my defenders easily getting killed because of a BUG!
  • AO8mileAO8mile Posts: 89
    @Toddiesel u clearly don't invest in wars do u? u don't realize how hard we earn those points and clearly seeing someone using a BUG to STOLE those points from u will piss u off
  • AO8mileAO8mile Posts: 89
    @Agent_X_zzz they changed the concussion, there is passive concussion in the game, taskmaster has it, karnak has it and quake clearly doesn't have it
  • AO8mileAO8mile Posts: 89
    @Agent_X_zzz Karnak and taskmaster both have passive concussion on sp3 + taskmaster 5 concussion debuffs will merge into a passive one
  • AO8mileAO8mile Posts: 89
    @Amadeo01 then why they're not fixing the description
  • Amadeo01Amadeo01 Posts: 201 ★★★
    AO8mile said:

    @Amadeo01 then why they're not fixing the description

    There's technically nothing wrong in the description since the description doesn't say debuff. It just doesn't explicitly say "concussion passive".
  • Mirage_TurtleMirage_Turtle Posts: 1,868 ★★★★
    Amadeo01 said:

    Nowhere in Quake's description does it say her concussion is a debuff. If you read Taskmaster's description, it specifically says that they are concussion DEBUFFS.

    You can stack 4 concussion debuffs. Once you try to apply a 5th, all of them are converted into a single Concussion Passive effect.
  • Amadeo01Amadeo01 Posts: 201 ★★★
    @Mirage_Turtle Yup, exactly. That's what I"m saying. For Taskmaster, they were explicit about what's debuff and what's passive. They didn't do that for Quake.
  • Primmer79Primmer79 Posts: 2,972 Guardian
    Its not a bug unless Kabam says its a bug. and theyve said its not a bug
  • shadow_lurker22shadow_lurker22 Posts: 3,243 ★★★★★
    AO8mile said:

    @Toddiesel u clearly don't invest in wars do u? u don't realize how hard we earn those points and clearly seeing someone using a BUG to STOLE those points from u will piss u off

    Kabam themselves done said it isn't a bug and it sounds like you just salty because your defense is getting wrecked lol. 😂😂😂
  • Marvel2289Marvel2289 Posts: 1,008 ★★★
    Fix the description to read,
    Quake avoids incoming attacks from opponents while opponent is under a concussion, in addition Quake also evades incoming attacks while charging her heavy attack.
    Or at least something to that effect
  • Amadeo01Amadeo01 Posts: 201 ★★★

    This statement regarding concussion having been passive at some point is interesting. However, she still evades aar-immune opponents, which makes this even more obvious of a problem.

    Now, I have a 5/65 quake. And I'd like her to be adjusted. Her ability description that is.

    Please, finally update her description. Saying "we have no plans to rework/rebalance/fix quake at this point in time" is as much of a worthless statement as we could get. And that says a lot, no offense.

    She does not work according to her description. Every literate quake user should know that. But apparently she also does not not work as intended, otherwise you should have plans to rework/rebalance/fix her.

    I don't get what's so hard about this. Either fix her or her description. Stop these silly games. It's literally 1 line of description to be added and everyone will be at ease.

    You wonder why people eat up fake kabam tweets? It's because of unnecessary issues like this one.

    Her evade doesn't have to do with reducing the opponent's ability accuracy. If the opponent can reduce Quake's ability accuracy (e.g. Agent Venom) then yea, Quake's evade can fail and she'll get hit. But her description does not imply that it's the ability accuracy reduction resulting from concussion that allows her to evade.
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