Event quest. Heroic. Ch 2.2. Bug

I will go ahead and light some candles and set the scene…

IPhone 7 Plus latest iOS. Did one run through, right path top section to boss- no issues. I was using five champs but not sure which.

Second time I run through with only three champs (scarlet witch, Gwenpool, Drax all rank 5) I go to the left take the top path and on the iron patriot fight, while loading the fight, game gets hung up so I force close. Restart the game Drax at 50% health but I am up to iron patriot... enter the fight, win, small glitch in animation (tough to explain)no rewards, but when I go back to the map iron patriot still there. Shows that I am still advanced to him so no additional energy. Fight him again everything is normal for the rest of the run through to boss.

Next run through (Everything the same) go to the left, take the bottom and when I get to Ronan same thing happens.


  • WimaksWimaks Posts: 105
    Ran through the rest of the paths with no issue. Only thing "different" is after the second time the glitch happened, instead of replaying I hit back to quest and then reentered... on the last run through I did hit replay though with no issue.
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