High skill tier player looking for a long term home

Hey fellow summoners!

I am currently in search for a long term high tier alliance (ideally an 8-10 mil that is tier 2-3 in AW and runs map 5X5 minimum) to help me grow faster and a place where I could lend my assistance.

My stats:
- I am a Free to play U.S. Based player
- I use Line for communication
- Player Rating: 200K
- Prestige: 3926
- Level 56
- PVP Win Streak: 305
- Currently have completed: ROL, Full exploration on act 5.1, Bautista's Cosmic challenge, Road to the labrynith, The Web-Slinger Challenge, and I am part of "The Uncollected"!
- I am a boss killer. I can typically kill AQ Map 5 mini bosses/boss and AW mini bosses/boss with ease.
- Experience with Map 5 and Map 5 boss killing (Mordo, Rhino, Cable, and Dorm).
- I have Map 6 experience and have ran up to Day 3 on it
- I have Tier 2 war experience
- Can get weekly donations and weekly SA points

Ready to move right away, Eager to meet and get working with ya!

Best Regards,

Still have questions, need Moore information, or interested? Reply to this thread, contact me in game, or hit me up on line so we can chat.

Line ID: mypuncake


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