Idea to resolve AQ ticket system issues

Currently there is a lot of discussion regarding the new ticket system for AQ donations.

Overall i am actually a big fan. Outside of just removing costs to maps all together i think this is probably the best base system i can imagine. It reduces costs, relieves officer burden to chase donations and stamps out fraudulent resource dumping.

With that said, the proposed layout has one major flaw: because players pay a price for the map they enter it creates serious disparities for any alliance that has battle groups that run separate maps, dramatically increasing costs for the players that run the higher tier maps.

I have a solution that is relatively simple and i think resolved the problem without adding any new ones:

Have the ticket cost to enter every map map become an average of all maps selected for that given day.

So for example, if an alliance selected 6/5/5 the current proposed cost would be 15/0/0 for those players. With my solution it would become 5/5/5
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