Need Alliance willing to take in progressing player

I am almost uncollected and have a 4K prestige. Line ID is chetron. Looking for an active alliance that will take me on.


  • Kill_Grey4112Kill_Grey4112 Posts: 56
    Hit me up, ingame name: Agent_Jo
    Alliance just started out, don't have line yet.
  • SlayerzzSlayerzz Posts: 34
    Hey chetron join us our alliance name is Villians of the contesr
  • SlayerzzSlayerzz Posts: 34
  • Kay_SwayKay_Sway Posts: 48
    Hey bud I tried to add you on line. But we’re a Gold 3 alliance and do map 5 and 4. We could try you in map 4 if you’re interested.
  • ChetronChetron Posts: 7
    My line ID is chetron
  • ChetronChetron Posts: 7
    I can run map 4, it’s fine with me
  • ChetronChetron Posts: 7
    what is your line ID?
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