The biggest issue with alliance quest

Lvernon15Lvernon15 Posts: 6,822 ★★★★★
Personally I don’t find difficulty or modifier or fights or mini bosses the biggest issues with alliance quest, it’s the amount of times you have to login and the amount of linked nodes. Most players will have to login to alliance quest 5-6 times a day, and this includes times where players will be at work, and it doesn’t seem right for players to have to find ways to get out of work for a couple minutes and move in aq, also some players in certain time zones may have to stay up later than they’d like to ensure link nodes are down, and aq really feels like a chore and is by no means fun, partly due to how repetitive it is but mainly due to this.

The best solutions are to remove some links so players can just get their paths done in one go, rather than take a node wait for the next to be unlinked take that node and repeat. The other option is shorter timers which I know kabam have said they don’t really want. Also I feel there shouldn’t be more than 9 paths per section, having 10 means that, if something happens where a player can’t get on, the entire map is just at a standstill, which happened in my alliance, and meant we couldn’t even enter section 3 in 1 battle group. The amount of logging in and how forced you are to do so makes aq feel like a chore and a 2nd job, and that is the key problem with it in my eyes


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    100% in agreement here... never played a game where you’re almost “required” to login at times where you’re normally busy with school/work or stay up late/set alarms just to make a few moves? I’ve put the “required” in quotes because of the incoming: well you don’t have to do map 5 or 6 that requires you to login, no one is forcing you.” But frankly in the end this is a VIDEO GAME, of course spending more time playing the game should mean you get more rewards than someone who barely logs in but in the end it should be a choice of when YOU are free to play the game, not shifting around other important things in life to schedule a couple moves in for AQ.
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