Way to Fix Featured Crystals

As a way to fix featured shard crystals Why not let players vote for champs they think should be in the crystals and Kabam takes the top 10 or 20 to be in the featured crystals? Then after their cycle those champs go on a cool down for 180 days.

This allows good champs to be in the crystals as opposed to mostly useless trash, as supported by players. It gives us a feeling of control. And it gives us a reasonable (5% to 10%) chance of getting the champ we need for niche content and people could save for the champs they want when they come up.

The cool down period also drives constantly swapping in new champs. Which, even if you don’t get the champ you want, at least we have only ourselves to blame and they are probably a lot more useful in some aspect of the game... as good as current featured 6* crystal’s joe fixit and civil warrior would do me.
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