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5 sig stones

the 5 sig stones is such a slap in the face by kabam. Straight up bologna


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    Neotwism said:

    What do u mean? Are you talking about from the rifts? I used to think that it was too small of an amount. I would like to see more 5* sigs added to the game. But if your talking about the rifts, if you break it down a dupe from a basic crystal gives u 20 sigs. So 5 sigs is with about 2500 5* shards plus u can choose who to use them on compared to a random crystal. I'd still like to see more sigs added and in other areas of the game but 5 isn't that bad of a pull. I'd rather get the 5 sigs than just 100 6* shards!

    100 6* shards are worth the equivalent of 3636 5* shards if every 5* basic crystal is a dupe!
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