A thought during all this chaos , (final feedback)

This is a great game. Great concept , great mechanics some great difficulty design (up-to Act 5 and a part of Act 6) .
You guys just went wrong with Act 7 . Its fine now you know what went wrong and glad you guys are looking into it .
Meaning -Increasing the attack value is not the only way to up the difficulty and neither is making the paths extremely specific.

Now during this crisis a lot of people are asking for a lot of different types of things to happen and players at different levels have different concerns.But below I have some really needed changes that need to happen for overall robustness of the game and some mechanics that have really outdated and also balanced rewards for harder content.

1- The mastery system should have 2 swappable setups (example - for Suicides and the normal non suicides and high utility option).
You can allow more setup slots for more units . But this can be like a permanent unlock.
Masteries are tedious to setup and cost a lot each time for War (you already know this and we also know you are working on this) .

2-I see plenty of 4* signature stones but 5* stones are very scarce at the moment. Anyway at the high level 6* prestige is really the
top gun . So I guess maybe 5* sig stones can be allowed to be grinded like maybe 1 stone a day or something or from arena 2 in
total via the max milestones. These can be random stones of course but will give the player the option to grind it out instead of
monetizing it fully.

3-Updates to the daily solo crystals , mostly filled with 40-50% experience bonus . Which does not mean anything for cavalier players.
I do see a scarcity of t3cc , so maybe fill them with these or shards anything will do other than the Xp bonuses. Shards should
correspond to the player max rating or levels like cavalier.

4- During arena keep the filter fixed , like incase I just want to use 5* champs then we can only choose from them . Once a 3 fight series is over , the filter for 5* only - gets reset . So that is something that can be changed. This will make grinding a lot faster and less tedious .

5- Claim the daily cavalier crystals and 4hour crystals with a single tap on the login screen itself , instead of having to scroll through
the whole crystals tab to find them among the 1000s of other crystals.

6- AW has become really challenging and at times I would call the flow tactics design is having some really bad design and was not tested properly . But you could lower the pressure of this level of difficulty by giving us a 2 revives and maybe 2 lvl 4 health pots for each war won and on loss half of it or something. I mean something has to be changed about the rewards for AW , cos its just too dis-proportionate. If the rewards were worth it for the effort , the top alliances would still be going after it seriously. But after rewards there is RNG attached to the crystals formed from the rewards , which would break the player when they get those 'bad' champs .

7 - Old champions need to be reworked maybe on a monthly basis , actually there is no need to make them such god-tier like Colossus is right now , but giving them some basic attack increase and a mechanic to ramp them up to do some decent damage would be enough so that they go from utterly-useless to somewhat good and usable in certain scenarios .

8- The offers that can be bought for real money , they need to be updated for the current state of the game- You guys know a lot of these offers are outdated and you do say its not for all . But appealing to a larger majority of people might help you get in better sales.

9- This months rifts I saw a potential reward of 100 6* shards , which is hinted as a good pull according to the chance of getting
it. So running the red room ops 2 times for getting the epic rift key and also dueling 2 champs then 4 energy for finishing the epic rift , all for a 100 6* shards which is 1/100 of a complete 6* crystal in 2020 is like a really outdated reward. I think 1k 6* or even 500 would have been much better . And the 1k 6* shards should be like 2-3k 6* shards.

Some touch ups here and there and updating the available rewards would get the game into shape right now . I think this will really restore the faith of the players in the system and you would also be able to make profits without giving out too much free stuff.
Cos this is a great game and has a lot of Marvel characters and can go on for a long time if needed , if provided with the required depth and community support .
Would like to say thank you for the changes to AQ and the fact that you addressed the Flow tactics by changing it a bit(it still sucks though). The daily challenges have been great as well.

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