Update to Alliance Tickets - May 29 2020 [Updated June 11]

Hey Summoners,

Thank you all for your patience this week as we worked to come up with a plan to address one of your biggest concerns with the new Alliance Tickets system, the price of entry for Summoners in Alliances that run different Maps.

We are in the process of developing a system where the cost of all Battlegroups are split across all the Summoners taking part in Alliance Quests, regardless of what Map they are running.

For Example, an Alliance that runs 1 Battlegroup of Map 7 (30 tickets to enter), and 2 Battlegroups of Map 5 (Free Entry) will split the cost of 300 Tickets by 30, meaning each Summoner will pay 10 Tickets for that day of Alliance Quests.

Each Battlegroup will divide the total cost by an additional 10, regardless of how many are running the Map. (Total Cost) divided by (Number of Battlegroups x 10)

The intention of this system is to help Alliances share the cost of running different Maps again. If we find that some Alliances are abusing the system, or not using it for its intended purposes, we will move to fix it.

This will not be ready in time for the release of the Alliance Ticket system and is currently being targeted for an August release. During this time, we are working to find ways to alleviate the cost of running different Maps in one Alliance. We don’t have that plan in place yet, but we will let you know as soon as we have more information.

When this new cost splitting system takes effect (targeted for August), it will replace the currently planned system. That means that splitting costs will be mandatory for all Alliances.

This solution came about after speaking with many of you on the Forums and through our social channels and conversing with members of our Content Creators Program. We want to thank you all for continuing to contribute your feedback and thoughts to better the Contest!
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