AQ Revamp Suggestion

Here is a suggestion for an AQ revamp.

1 - Remove a lot of the linked nodes so you are not forced to wait for others.
Instead have 8/9 paths in each section, with 3 separate groups. Each group has one strong link to the mini (Similar to the AW layout)
This way, you still have to wait for the Mini, but you are reliant on everybody.
It also allows the alliance to beat the final boss, but maybe not have the entire map explored.

A variation could be to have 6 links to the mini, so you do still need more partipation to be able to get through the whole thing.
But the main point is to remove the links between the paths.

2 - Change the whole timing of AQ to be 5 1/2 days. Still only allow 5 days of AQ, but this will allow allies to adjust their start time a little. It also means allies aren't penalised on the last day for not starting AQ immediately every day.

3 - Maybe have individual rank prizes, or other quests that will make people want to participate.
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