Can someone suggest me team

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I have many decent champs and many of them have synergies with each other can someone ls help me decide my team? I am on 5.3 as of now


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    Best team for u imo would be void corvus hyp warlock archangel
    Thn u can use other good champs like medusa iceman according to requirements of the path in a quest
    Synergies r good but not always required.
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    More suggestions are welcome
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    Pls help me guys
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    Void and Sabretooth will help immensely. Sabretooth hits like a truck when he’s got a few fury’s. Obviously add in corvus and warlock and maybe hype or iceman. Lvl up that nick fury he will really help in 5.3 as well. Add in people you need specifically for the quest. 5.3 is a bit of a boring one but not the worst. You’ve got two counters at least to the 5.4 ultron: Void and Medusa. I’ll be more than happy to help you with tips on 5.4 or 5.3 if you need.

    Any insights on mephisto, ss and vtd?? Ss and vtd have pretty good synergy and as for 5.4.1 i need to take mystics
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    Ya_Boi_28 said:

    5.3.1: Mystic Chapter: GR, Void, VtD, Sabretooth, Warlock.
    This chapter isn't too bad. Mordo is bad though, but void should do well against him. Be sure to take the portal to the left side to avoid that degeneration storm.

    5.3.2: Tech Chapter: Warlock, Vtd, Sabretooth, Void, (5th space optional).
    This chapter is straight forward. Howard the duck is a complete joke once he throws that initial sp 2. I would recommend taking the path that best suits your roster.

    5.3.3: Mutant Chapter: Domino, Archangel/Sabretooth, Iceman, Medusa, Void.
    Just noticed we have the exact same maxed mutant 4 stars lol. Your mutant team is going to have a field day in this quest. Medusa can handle the ultron ambush if he pops up. Void can handle what the mutants can't. Rogue is straightforward.

    5.4.4: Cosmic Chapter: Hype, Void, VtD, GR, Corvus Glaive
    This chapter isn't too bad. You can sub corvus out for someone else if you don't want to ramp him up. Void and GR should be able to tag team the Hype boss. Hype is going to be very annoying tho.

    5.4.5: Skill Chapter: Nick Fury, VtD, Void, Sabretooth, Warlock.
    This chapter also isn't too bad. NF is going to do very well here. As far as BPCW, he's not too hard. Push him to the sp2 when you can. Please don't try to dex his sp1 unless you have some distance. If not, just block it. You'll take some decent block damage, but if you get hit by his sp1 it will hurt very badly. Also, don't parry him he has an armor up. Warlock should be able to handle him pretty well.

    5.4.6: Science Chapter: Warlock, Void, Archangel, Void, Vtd
    This chapter isn't too bad. Void will do well here. Make sure you keep warlock alive for Iceman. Archangel can handle Green Goblin. Big disclaimer though: Doc Oc, and Green Goblin are NOT as hard as they look. When you kill iceman, the global node goes down then Green goblin and doc oc go down to 12k PI. Green Goblin only has 40k health.

    Overall, the 50% attack reduction is annoying, and makes fights twice as long. It's still doable though. I would definitely recommend not using corvus unless the path is very good for him. Let us know if you need anymore tips!

    Thnx bro, thanks a lot!!
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    Listen to @Ya_Boi_28 he’s summed it up incredibly well, better than I could lol. Props to him. Hope you get act 5 smashed.

    Thnx to u too, for taking out your time, i appreciate
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