Werecat Crystal w/ 2* champs in reel??

I could have imagined it because I was second guessing what crystal I was spinning when I saw them but when I spun the Werecat crystal there were 2* champs in the reel. I'm almost positive and I did confirm that was what I was spinning... Anyone else have a similar issue??


  • Mrspider568Mrspider568 Posts: 1,989 ★★★
    Screenshot pls
  • StarzStarz Posts: 124

    Screenshot pls

    ...and this is why I will get no where with Kabam either. I have no proof..
  • Sensei_MaatSensei_Maat Posts: 396 ★★★
    did you land on a 2*?
    if not then don't worry because the reel is only a visual thing and has no impact on the crystal or the champion. the outcome is decided before the reel begins to spin.
    so even if you are correct and they did appear in the reel it would be put down to a visual bug.
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