Locked out of arena because of error message

Crumb3307Crumb3307 Posts: 323 ★★
edited June 2020 in Bugs and Known Issues
I got d/c after selecting arena team. After restarting app, I completed the 3 fights using the team I had selected. After the fights the three champs were still available to use. I didn’t pay attention to my score, so I figured the 3 fights must not have counted and used them again without any problem. After selecting my next team and getting to the match selection screen I got an error message “heroes do not match the heroes on your team”. When clicking “ok” it takes me back to the arena screen. If I pick the same arena, I get the same message. I tried restarting, logging out, but the error persists. iPhone 8, 13.3.1, 27.1 MCOC.
Edit: Found the exit button on the main screen and was able to get rid of the lockout, but it still had that original team that I had already fought with twice listed as the team I was using and I had to quit, which caused streak to reset.

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