Hotel MODOK Store Adjustments for Cavalier Players

Hey everybody,

Thank you all for your patience as we worked to address your feedback on the rewards for this event. We recognize that this store does not feature the rewards that our end-game players are looking for. Rewards reflect the difficulty, and the progression level we aim for, which in this case has not been our end game players. '

Originally, our intention was to have Book 2 Act 1 starting this month, or soon after, which would have given our most experienced Summoners something to dig in to, but as you know, we've pushed that back.

We will also have more content aimed at our endgame players next month. We'll have more information on that for you before the end of the week, so please keep an eye out on the forums for more on how we'll be starting on our playable road to the Cavalier Difficulty level. (No, that doesn't mean Cavalier difficulty is coming next month...)

For this event, we're going to add a few more things to the store that our players have requested (though, not everything requested... We've got to save some stuff for the higher difficulty level!). Special shout out once again to our CCP and the members of the community that shared their thoughts with us on this subject constructively and eloquently.

For Cavalier Players, we will be adding the following options to the Store:
- 5-Star Generic Signature Stones (Limit 20, 16 Coins)
- 1000 5-Star Shards (Limit 15, 20 Coins)

Additionally, we're increasing the Maximum T5B Catalyst Fragments from 3 to 5.

This will be live in-game tomorrow. We don't have a definite time yet, and the prices are still subject to change, but we wanted to let you all know as soon as possible.
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