When the new event quests came out they crashed several times. Those of us doing the harder content modok island had to use revives on the grossly underestimated team suggestions. The servers went up and down several times. Having a guy down to below 10 percent and having the server crash and reload is bad when you come back at 50 percent and no damage done to the champ you were fighting.

Also, can we get chat working for incursions? I already can't understand the foreign players who you team me up with who can't speak English, but at least they get if I put 2 down they know to clear the second lane.

I am not one of those players who thinks everyone should get more. I am however a player who thinks that the stuff you advertise on every site as reasons for people to play should work correctly. I do spend money on the game from time to time but having to buy extra stuff because simple features do not work seems like your forcing me to either buy more or accept the fact that simple things in the game just don't work. I'm guessing someone tested chat out before pushing a patch live?


  • Just_grindingJust_grinding Posts: 23
    Agreed. I was kicked out of a daily quest because of this. and they have done nothing. Another member of the alliance was kicked out of Modok's island and they didn't refund his token. I wasted a ton of revives going thru Modok's island (difficulty does NOT match recommended requirements compared to other parts of the game). Too many nodes and bosses that are harder than the monthly event quest.
  • SGT_M9SGT_M9 Posts: 81
    That’s probably unlikely to happen. As it was stated a while ago when they had the multiple maintenance shutdowns. And people cried that it has to be done. They can’t seem to fix what the make. Might as well have maintenance every night. Still no rewards. They don’t care
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