Which 6* should I take to Rank 2?

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Hey there,

Which of these beasts should I take to rank 2? Who will be most helpful in Act6 and maybe the Abyss?

Duped DPXF
Duped Iron Fister
Unduped Magento
Unduped Rhino
Unduped Howard The Duck
Unduped Abomination
or my lastest and greatest....Unduped Beast

Let me know guys...thanks.


  • Colinwhitworth69Colinwhitworth69 Posts: 3,671 ★★★★★
    Har har.
  • SpideyFunkoSpideyFunko Posts: 17,880 ★★★★★
    DPXF. Bleed, synergies.

    wait, Howard the Duck? Or Venom the Duck?
  • GizGiz Posts: 104

    DPXF. Bleed, synergies.

    wait, Howard the Duck? Or Venom the Duck?

    Howard of course.
  • lowlevelplayerlowlevelplayer Posts: 4,293 ★★★★★
    wait for groot
  • Lvernon15Lvernon15 Posts: 11,472 ★★★★★
    Save for ip
  • SatsuiNoHadouSatsuiNoHadou Posts: 716 ★★★
    Iron Fister just sounds so wrong for all the obvious reasons
  • AleorAleor Posts: 2,791 ★★★★
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    Get a 6* ag, use it on abomination and take him to r2. Hit your opponent only in block and parry, so making contact will inflict poison with 5-10% chance, I'd expect about 1.5k damage for r2 6*. Now you're good for any abyss fight, if your opponent isn't poison immune. Just don't think about how long would it take you to finish a fight. Get him to max sig to make fights faster
    Over God tear indeed, don't know why everybody sleep on the champ
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