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Bugs everywhere

First, Ghost Rider. Those bugged animations are making it a pain to use him, and I use him a LOT, I actually liked the chages that where made, but it's for sure bugged.

Since de new update I can't see the messages I send which is that much of problem, not until it comes to Incursion and I can't see neither mine or the partner messages, it's been a real nightmare.

Also, everytime I try to open AW screen the game freeze and all I get is floating rocks


  • GAMEOVERJamesGAMEOVERJames Posts: 124
    Agree, the animation of Ghost Rider is definitely a bug....

    Btw, this bug is not just for GR, KingGroot has the same issue. It seems that champions with whip-like fighting animation are suffering such bug~
  • Mrspider568Mrspider568 Posts: 1,396 ★★
    Same with yondu his sp1 yaka arrow deals damage to the opponent before it touches them
  • OpxOpx Posts: 24
    edited June 6
    This same spider man (stark) sp2. See video

    Hulk sp1 too
  • HerizonHazeHerizonHaze Posts: 23
    Just Rate the game with 1* in your AppStore...

    They dont care about us
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