The Cosmic Krushers [KidC]

Hi I'm cosmicray 13 and I am the co leader to my own 3 mil alliance The Cosmic Krushers. Must be 70k and up! We do not use line. We hold for one week and you can not go over 2.5k points when we are holding or you will be kicked. You will become an officer by
1.being loyal
2. Being experienced
3. Showing leadership
It does not matter if you are weak or strong. Get tier 12 rewards in AW and we do map 2 in AQ until we can get 30 people in the alliance. Being offline for four or more days without notice will result in a kick. Joining AW and not participating will also result in a kick and same goes for AQ. If you join you Must participate. Pretty simple nothing too fancy. If have any other questions feel free to ask. To join friend me cosmicray 13 or my co leader Kid Krusher. Thank you


  • DarkestDestroyerDarkestDestroyer Posts: 2,526 ★★★★
    Can not go over 2.5k points when holding? You can't stop ppl ranking champs up dude, opening crystals fair enough.

    Don't use Line? Well it won't be a very organised alliance then, unless you use watsapp or some other sort of communication method.

    Line should be a must, and allowing ppl to rank champs up, that benefits not only them but at your level the alliance too.

    Also look for grinders who do events and arena, try hit all milestones.
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