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6.2.6 Champion Boss Fight Experience - Suggestion for Change

I'm not one for posting on the forums and usually watch from the sidelines but I wanted to post my experience and thoughts of the 6.2.6 Champion boss fight and what I think could be changed when this is addressed. This ideas may have been said before but if so I have not seen it.

Background & The Journey to The Champion

When 6.4 was released I had been Cavalier for a few months I think and had got as far as 6.2.2 but my first experience of the Mr Sinister boss fight had put me off progressing any further. The reviews from the community and the videos I had seen of the Grandmaster fight made want to try to push on so I could experience it. Over the next few weeks when I had my best champs available and some resources/units for revives if needed, I started to work my way through and finally got to 6.2.6 a few weeks ago.

After watching RichTheMan's video on the Champion boss fight I decided I needed to again save some units and revives as they would be needed. To see how far I could get without using boosts or revives I took a shot at the easy path to gauge how many revives, units etc I may need to complete this. I made it to just before the boss fight and I had been trying things so I thought with full concentration I could do this.

Last weekend I had saved around ~500 units, with a number of revives and health potions in my stash so I decided now was the time to do this. I think I put on a 20% Champion Boost and a 20% Health boost and jumped in arriving at the Champion boss fight without using any revives. I progressed well through the Champion boss fight getting him to the last 10% with only having to use a few revives mainly though my own mistakes.

Now the last 10% the part of this fight where you have to dex the specials, I was using a 5* 5/65 CAIW and after a few tries decided I needed to get some practice on the technique. I watched a couple of video's and used my 3* CAIW in a duel against an alliance team mates 5* Champion. After a number of tries I felt I had the technique to dex the special 1 and seemed to be able to last in the fight, repeatedly seeing dex's trigger when dodging the special 1. I jumped back into the fight and it may have been the tension of being in the actual fight versus a duel but the trigger of the dex's didn't seem as consistent but I was getting 1 or 2 prowess buff before making a mistake and getting wrecked. I burnt through all of my revives and units without managing to get the 5 prowess buffs needed to finish the fight.

After grinding some units I gave it another shot but same story I couldn't get the prowess buffs needed to finish the fight. I left myself where I was and a day later went back to duelling my alliance mates Champion, once again I felt like I had the technique so jumped back in buying some units to try get this done. Again I found I just could not get the prowess buffs needed, I seemed to be able to get one or two I think on an occasion I got three but never enough. I had to give up, not only did I need my top champs for Alliance events but I could not keep throwing resources at it.

My conclusion on The Champion Boss Fight

The Champion boss fight of 6.2.6 is a challenge , like Kabam have pointed out they want it to be a challenge and I am ok with this. There are players of all different skill levels some will and already have done this fight but for some (myself included) will struggle and maybe never have the skill level to master the technique to get past that last 10%. This is for me where the problem is, thinking about the Collector fight and what I have seen of the Grandmaster fight these are all possible for players of different skill level. The top players might be able to one shot them or use only a few resources but the players that are less skilled can still chip away at the opponent and eventually with enough resources be able to win.

The problem with this in my opinion is the player may feel like this fight is impossible for them, even with throwing resources and money at this fight there is no guarantee you will finish the fight, I do not believe this is the case with any other fight in the game. If a player finds themselves in this impossible position and wanting to progress through the story content this could turn them away from the game.

Idea for Change

Now I cannot comment on what this fight is like with any of the linked nodes up as I have not experienced it and I know they will add another layer of difficulty to the fight. Here are my idea's for a change based on my experience that I think will help remove the frustration from this fight.

Idea 1 - Persist the Prowess & Indestructible Buffs

The first idea is that if the Prowess buffs earned and the Indestructible Buffs removed from the Champion would persist between the fights you would only need to get a total of 5 across how ever many fights it took but eventually you would be able to beat The Champion. This would mean that the skilled players would be able to do it but the lesser skilled players would eventually get past the fight even if it took a number of revives for them to secure the 5 prowess buffs needed. I think with this option I would even be happy if the number of prowess buffs/indestructible buffs was higher than 5, at least you would have a target you can work towards.

Idea 2 - Add 1 Indestructible Buffs (max 5)/Remove 1 Prowess Buff for every KO

This idea would see the Champion start with 5 indestructible buffs as he does now and the player start with 0 prowess buffs. As the successful dexterity's are earned the buffs would change as they do now. If the player gets KO'ed they would loss a prowess buff and the Champion would gain an Indestructible buff. For example if the player has 2 prowess buffs and gets KO'ed they would start the next fight with 1 prowess buff and the Champion would start with 4 Indestructible buffs. The Champion would only ever be able to gain a maximum of 5 indestructible buffs.

Whilst the first idea is my preferred I think this keeps the fight a bit more challenging but still give less skilled players a way of finishing the fight if they cannot master the technique to secure the 5 dexterity's in a single fight.


  • xNigxNig Posts: 7,211 ★★★★★
    Er... the last 10% is a skill based fight... so we shouldn’t have the option to unitman him down if we do not have the proper skills up to a certain level and consistency.
  • sbkryansbkryan Posts: 8
    xNig said:

    Er... the last 10% is a skill based fight... so we shouldn’t have the option to unitman him down if we do not have the proper skills up to a certain level and consistency.

    I do not disagree that we need skill based fights in this game, I just believe that in the story based content they should be achievable for players of all levels. I do not believe my suggestion takes away the need for the player to be able to perform the skill but just the consistency of performing it 5 times without being KO'ed.

    I think skill based fights that require players to master a skill and perform it consistently in order to progress would be better placed in other permanent content like Abyss. I haven't done the Abyss myself but I do not believe there are any fights that you have to master a skill like this but you can "Unitman" your way through

  • Notsavage19Notsavage19 Posts: 2,817 ★★★★★
    The last 10% should not be changed. You really need to have a skill gate like the Champion. If you can't beat the Champion, then you're going to have a hard time in the rest of Act 6.
  • xNigxNig Posts: 7,211 ★★★★★

    The last 10% should not be changed. You really need to have a skill gate like the Champion. If you can't beat the Champion, then you're going to have a hard time in the rest of Act 6.

    Arguably, every boss of story quest should act as a gate of some sort, be it roster, or skill.

    But probably tone down on the roster gate requirement, eg, instead of needing one of 5 champs, have it more generic like “Needs to deal poison damage”. If it’s really niche like Acid Wash Mysterio, an additional node could help to fulfill the requirements of the fight, eg “Performing an intercept armor breaks the defender for 6 seconds” or “When the defender is armor broken, landing 2 heavies in 3 seconds inflicts a poison debuff for 6 seconds” or something.
  • sbkryansbkryan Posts: 8
    edited June 2020
    Knation said:

    I don’t think they should change his last 10% maybe change other 3 phases but the 4th one is fine
    A problem I think is more just people can’t get practice of the fight they should add a direct path from a teleporter to him

    That's a great idea on the teleporter, I must admit I didn't have any issues with the first 3 phases so do not think they need changing.
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