AQ Focused Ally, War Optional. LF 1 US Player to join us for Map 5x5 and progress into Map 6 :)

Hello all. I am once again looking for a experienced Map 5 perhaps Map 6 player to join my alliance. Currently we are a map 5x5 AQ focused Alliance. We score between 218 million to 230 million on a weekly basis. War is optional to join so therefore season standing is not important to us.

The reason I am looking for a US based player is one of my Officers is stepping away from the game as he is facing real burn out from the game itself. He states it is just not fun. He is one of my Higher rated officers having a Player Rating of 1.6 million and 10.3k prestige. I would like to find someone comparable to him in way of experience and stats only because that will allow us to keep up our high AQ point score But I will talk with anyone that is around 7k to 10k prestige.

I try to run my alliance in a fair fashion understanding that Family and Work Life gets busy and definitely comes first. However i do expect each player to put in their time for activity and communication to help the Alliance progress and clear AQ maps. We have been doing Map 5x5 for a few months now and we are looking to do Map 6 on Day 1 only as it stands just to get a good feel for the map, but also to get a better understand of ourselves as an Alliance to clear Map 6 on Day 1 in all bgs. I try to put my alliance members in the best position for Success and little to no failures.

if you want to hear more and would like to find a good Home to grow with and help continue to grow and become an even stronger Alliance please reach out to me via Line. my Line ID is zbot34. Line is the only means we use for communication in My alliance. Thank you and have a great weekend!


  • zbot34zbot34 Posts: 280
    I am looking for another player. Had a guy jump ship for a friend's Alliance. Can't fault anyone for wanting to play with a friend though. I don't need quite as high of a player rating or prestige as I was looking for earlier. I would say player rating of 500k or better. Prestige of 6k or better.
  • zbot34zbot34 Posts: 280
    Still looking for 1 player. Please hit me up on Line
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