Is the champion uncollected fight being changed?

ThebgjThebgj Posts: 592 ★★
I have some members getting close to 5.2, Wasn’t sure if I should tell them to wait.


  • NojokejaymNojokejaym Posts: 2,877 ★★★★
    You mean 6.2
  • MainzelMainzel Posts: 18
    Well the champion fight in 6.2 is getting changed. As well as probaply all of 6.2 But knowing Kabam and theire rework timetable it could take months
  • ThebgjThebgj Posts: 592 ★★
    I thought I read that it was being changed 5.2 fight. Guess I was wrong
  • ThebgjThebgj Posts: 592 ★★
    Yup, I’m super confused ...sorry.

    Grandmaster fight is the 5.2

    6.2 is all the hoopla about the difficulty

  • Cowboyschamploo1Cowboyschamploo1 Posts: 362 ★★
    U mean the collector in 5.2?? U don't reach the Champion until after Cavalier
  • ThebgjThebgj Posts: 592 ★★
    Correct, thank you all.

    This can be closed now
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