Something is wrong with Quake in war!!!!?????

So today I went into a fight against node 55 in tier 3 war with quake. This node is pretty routine for me and I take it most wars with quake without much issue, but today I went into the fight and died one time, this was strange but maybe I released my heavy early or something and got hit. Thinking it was my mistake I revived and attempted again and made sure to record this fight with my finger movements. I then proceeded to evade a few hits and then get hit straight through my heavy charge not once but twice and died. If someone wants to go frame by frame and show me otherwise go ahead, but I slowed it down as much as a could and I swear Invisible Women punched right through my heavy charge. Idk if this is a bug, but I had to post this.


  • Legendary_PoeyLegendary_Poey Posts: 209
    Now I feel like an idiot lol, completely forgot that assassins reduced ability accuracy.
  • HughJanisoleHughJanisole Posts: 425 ★★★
    Well....I’m glad you posted this because I just R5’d Quake and have been using her a lot and I’m thinking at some point I probably would’ve asked the same question. Now I know to be very aware. Thanks.
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