Is Tigra's heavy-miss bugged already??

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I'm just gonna put it in here just to show you what I believe is a bug.
Hence, you should consider to go for her crystal as who knows how many other bugs that she has against other champs WHEN using her heavy-miss mechanic.
And how many months would it take for KABAM to collect date, analyse it, and make changes to it, if it's indeed a bug.

The bug:
Tigra's heavy doesn't register after Collector's SP2, when it's clearly look like her first heavy attack connected.
So does when Collector doesn't do any SP. Weird.

Here is the video footage courtesy of Karatemike415

You can see it at 4:04 after Collector's SP2.
Also at 4:20.
But it does connect after Annihilus' SP2 at 5:25.

Have a great day everyone
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