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AGT AGENT MAUVE LF 1 9.7k+ / AQ 5x5 (Heroic Mods) 250+ mil pw / 1 Optional AW BG

LSDinLSDin Posts: 173 β˜…β˜…

AGT AGENT MAUVE looking for one that wants the chill good life and 4k+ Glory per week 😎

We run 5x5 x3 BGs for 250+ mil pw score. We're a mix of up and coming (Cav+), and established Vets. We have an optional AW BG if you wanna get your War kicks in for fun. Glory payout is the highest you can get with our relatively high Ally Prestige (around 9.8) w.o. dipping into Map 6 / 7.

Seeking someone that wants a long term home that is a team player / communicative / active / adult / Cav / US/UK timezone ~ please be at least 9.7k plus Prestige (we can't do less than that).

Click the link below for our interview chat room 😎



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