Ability to Duel Solo-Content Bosses - Showcase Fights Request

DannyB01DannyB01 Posts: 458 ★★★
I'd love to have an option to test new champions against hard match-ups, rather than have to duel other players' top champs, who are relatively weak compared to what we encounter in the game. The only other alternative right now is to watch showcase fights put on Youtube under the CCP, which isn't really ideal either.

My request is to be able to 'duel' the boss of any quest we've fully explored. This would include all local nodes and either ignore linked nodes or (even better) allow us to choose which linked nodes are removed. As new champions often have interesting synergies, I'd like this feature to enable us to apply teammates to the duel.

For example: I've fully explored 6.3.1 but would love to duel Medusa on the 'Do You Bleed?' node with Killmonger and the Void synergy. I don't want to use 90 energy to get there and do this duel. Effectively, this is great content that's sitting behind a 30-minute grind and full energy refill, so I'm not going to encounter it again unless something like this is implemented.


  • Sensei_MaatSensei_Maat Posts: 396 ★★★
    edited June 2020
    once you 100% a quest you should unlock the ability to teleport direct to the boss of that quest.
    either on the map unlock a portal that leads you directly there,
    or on the quest entry screen add a button near the begin quest button that is "Fight Boss" this button would load you direct into boss fight and would be greyed out until 100% exploration is done
  • DannyB01DannyB01 Posts: 458 ★★★
    That would be a great way to do it! I like that idea. Although Kabam would probably be keen we don't get rewards for defeating the boss in those instances (but who cares about 300 gold and some T1 iso lol).
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