Questing bug, Pi Inflation, Recovery system for Arena TL; DR

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Questing Bug:
I've only seen 1 post about The Story Quest bug, but it wasn't fully described. I finish a fight in a Quest and after the KO ending, my screen turns to static and goes straight to the loading screen, I'm standing at the node I had just defeated, the foe is still standing on the same node while the Champion I used, has lost Health from the fight.

Pi Inflation during Duels:
There is this Pi inflation when I was doing Duels for Duel Skirmish, where Abomination's Pi was 664, but when I fought him, his Pi was 720. I fought a different Players Abomination, his Pi was 668, and when entered the fight, his Pi was 724.

Recovery system for Arena:
I entered the 3-Star Kingpin Arena, using 3-Star Mordo, Thor, and Dr Strange. After I had finished the first fight, I tap on the button to enter the next fight, and I receive a message on screen about a service disruption. At the bottom of the message, I tap on the reconnect button, and after loading for 1 second, another service disruption message appears again. I closed the game, and minutes later, I get a message from the game about 4* Black Panther. I assume the game was active, so I tap on the game, and instead of the recovery system activating for my next fight, I am sent to the in-game home screen. I knew the fight was a loss.

I have no reason to play this game, as much as I use to, due the fact that some of these issues are not being resolved as quickly as Player exploits. The Recovery system is a joke, if it doesn't work as intended. 1-time Recovery is not enough if the game is down for any particular reason.
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