360mil + AQ alliance will need 6 or 7 around 10k prestige after season ends

Well we are about to end another joyful season of AW followed again with what seems to be the obligatory swath of players announcing retirement and we now find ourselves in need of at least 6 players before the next season begins.

AQ we do map 6 x 4 might up it to 5 if we think we can break top 250.
AW we were sitting comfortably in G1 for a long time but this season sees us dip a toe / possibly a whole leg, into the murky waters of G2, will we get bent out of shape over it .... nope ....will we be in G1 again next season .. probably... will our world end if we don’t make it... no. So there you have it we take AQ as it comes and don’t sweat it if we suck every now and then.

Events pretty much what you would expect at this level, no expectations everyone just joins in and they get done. Interested? Have a few friends to bring with you? Hit me up on line I’d is Corbycodes

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