We are currently experiencing an issue causing a delay in delivery of Summoner Advancement, the Alliance Quest event, and other 3-Day X-Men use event. We are working to resolve this, but it will likely take a few days. We will ensure that these rewards are delivered to affected Alliances. Please do not change Alliances until your rewards are delivered.

Update to Abyss Of Legends Rewards: Abyss Crystal Selector and Abyss Nexus Crystal


As we mentioned a little while ago, we’re going to be updating the rewards for 100% Exploration of the Abyss of Legends to give players more agency over what they gain from completing this monumental task.

We will be adding the brand-new Abyss Crystal Selector to the rewards for 100% Exploration of the Abyss of Legends. When activated, the Abyss Crystal selector will allow you to choose one of the exclusive Abyss Nexus 6-Star Class Crystals.

Once opened, these very special crystals will allow you to choose 1 of 10 Champions pulled from the pool of available champions of the specific class!

To balance the addition of this powerful new selector, the number of 6-Star Shards obtained for 100% Exploration will be reduced to 30,000, from 45,000.

This change takes place on June 25th! Summoners that have already 100% Explored all of the Abyss of Legends will receive the Abyss Crystal Selector within a few days of this change being made.
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