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6.2: The Thoughts of Someone who did it a Year After it was Released

EdeuinkEdeuink Posts: 1,263 ★★★★
Hello! This is going to be first essay-like post. Hopefully I don’t bore you to death.
Before I start, I want to shout my mate @Masterpuff and my alliance, TG1F, for giving me lots of advice while I did my run. Also, I only did completion, so I won’t be talking about the gates. The champions I used mainly were 5/65 Dr Doom, 2/35 stealthy, 4/55 human torch, 5/65 ghost, 4/55 void, 4/55 colossus, 1/25 hood, and 4/55 sentinel.
Ok, so it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. Life cycle was made extremely easy with dr doom. My main mistake was throwing my sp3 before the shield dropped, as there is a delay after they are struck with a heavy attack. The cosmic path with the captain marvels was easy. As for the boss and mini boss, the dormammu felt like the boss for me. Human torch and the nova flame got him down, though I did lose 70% health. As for symbiote Supreme, he was super easy. I used void, and once I had 2 petrifies I could just spam heavy while he was on the wall. Overall, I really enjoyed this quest and thought life cycle was a fair node.
Well, this one is an item dump. The path was simple. Ghost made back blast easy. The Emma Frost, who is a defender I struggle with, went really well. And then I got wrecked by the boss. Caustic temper and emp mod is nuts. I really hope this gets changed. I used 20 revives and max boosts without heimdall. Ghost worked ok relying on damage from the sp3, but I was mainly just burning revives. My other comment is that I thought the ai was being weird, I’ve had them throw so many heavy attacks into ghost’s phase. But yes, CHANGE THE SINISTER. Emp mod and caustic temper just causes tons of unavoidable damage, and makes countering it extremely hard.
This one was easy. Icarus made ghost extremely fun again, and I rolled to end without needing revives. Omega red was an interesting fight, reminds me of the taskmaster in the boss rush last year, since both have Icarus and a limited amount of stuns. Overall, I think Icarus is the type of node that needs to in more places. Instead, “you do no damage unless x condition is met,” it is more “you can play normally, or play with a risk(degen) but get insane damage.”
Destructive feedback! Another node I really liked. I had some previous experience with this from v4, and I thought it was another skilled based node. However, IMO it would be better if the damage stored in the shield was doubled upon expiry. This way, you could use to play with more risk and be aggressive when the shield is up, or play normally to keep the item use down. As for the boss, I really didn’t like the interaction between assassin, force of will, and empowered immunity. This should be changed, as empowered immunity only says “when immune to debuffs.”
Do not go gentle was the node in this chapter. I thought it was fine. Not overly cool, but ok. To make do not go gentle more interesting though, I would have the charges increase your attack rating. Once again, there is a risk/reward element to the node, where you can try to end fights faster, but then run the risk of not removing all the charges before you try to kill the opponent. As for the mordo, I did not like him. Hurt locker and special delivery? That’s ok. Not optimal, but doable. However, I hate strength in numbers. Once again, it is a node that punishes you if x condition is not met. IMO the mordo would be a fair fight if there was no strength in number.
Ah here we are, the boogeyman himself, 6.2 the champion. I went in with a stack of 600 units and did the fight. I’ll go more in depth now. On my first attempt, I used ghost. I failed my phase intercept and died. Then, I went in with human torch. He died too. Next, I tried stealth spidey, except I forgot to put on the web foam. That went really badly. However, I started to hit my stride. My next try with hood dropped him to about 40%. Finally, I used Dr Doom. I struggled with the 40-10% phase. My intercepts were off that day, so my strategy became to back in the corner, dex until he threw a heavy, and then heavy counter. Revive after revive, I slowly worked my way into the fabled 10% phase. As for this phase, it wasn’t as bad as people say. As I eventually got my dexing of the champion sp1 down, I dropped a sp3 and felt great. I know some people would say that the charges need to be persistent. However, I disagree with that. If you evade the “chop” in the champion’s sp1, you take no block damage. If the charges were persistent, there would have to be many more of them. I thought the champion was very skill based, which was something I liked.
6.2 had some ups and downs, some of the nodes were great, others not so much. However, it’s definitely not as bad as people say(other than Mr Sinister). Overall, I’m really excited for the act 6 changes and I trust that kabam will do a good job making them.
One last thing
From 6.2 completion, I formed a 5 and 6 star crystal. From the 5 star, I got more sig levels on colossus. From the 6 star, I got moon knight(#buffmoonknight).


  • Thanks_D19Thanks_D19 Posts: 1,480 ★★★★
    edited June 2020
    Yeah I had a pretty similar experience, 6.2.2 sinister needs to be changed that fight is a massive cock block, I didn’t have to unitman him but I did have to quake him for half an hour till my fingers fell off, icarus is very fun great node 6.2.5 sucks, especially because the paths leading up to mordo are so hard you essentially have to use a revive so strength in numbers doesn’t wreck you, and 6.2.6 champion is pretty ok nowadays except for no retreat, that no retreat should be deleted and the fight is fine, and I also had bad pulls haha 6* storm squad and 5* hela gang rise up
  • MasterpuffMasterpuff Posts: 6,456 ★★★★★
    edited June 2020
    Yeah congrats again man.
    And in terms of 6.2, it gets a bad rap. It’s nowhere near as bad as people say it is, and personally, I kinda enjoy the champion fight.

    And moon knight is good 1/4 weeks in a month. #buffdrax
  • Thanks_D19Thanks_D19 Posts: 1,480 ★★★★

    Yeah congrats again man.
    And in terms of 6.2, it gets a bad rap. It’s nowhere near as bad as people say it is, and personally, I kinda enjoy the champion fight.

    And moon knight is good 1/4 weeks in a month. #buffdrax

    Exploration is considered to be much worse than completion because class gates
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