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10 Mil Alliance, AQ 56555, AW Tier 1/2 Looking for One 4800+ Prestige

[5YNRG] 10 Million Alliance (Friendly, loyal, active and skilled group with multiple LOL clearers)
4800+ Prestige required. Starting prestige is 4845.
AQ: We run 56555 which puts us in the top 300 or very close. Map 6 experience preferred.
AW: Tier 1-2, minimal item usage.
What we are looking for:
• AQ and AW focused players
• Good activity and communication is essential during the AQ and AW.
Looking for North American based players or similar timezone.
Add in game:
PT1984 Mattage Ultimatheory
Or add on Line
paultindall Mattage ultimatheory
Come and join our family and have a lot of fun along the way
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