Is possible to increase number of contacts in game?

I'm the official recruiter of my alliance. I see players claiming for an alliance in global chat, and I have some alliance friends on my list. So when I need to contact players what I'm interested to recruit, only 25 contacts is much low for me (I think for us, recruiters).


  • HoidCosmereHoidCosmere Posts: 550 ★★
    Personally I don't think 30 player alliances, 25 player contact list and no way to send a message to every alliance member's inbox was well thought out at all.
  • I've gone ahead and moved this to the correct forum category since this is a suggestion/request and so that other players will be able to find it more easily. I'll also make sure to bring this to the dev team's attention.
  • The whole in game chat is ****. It's why people use 3rd party apps to communicate. Needs a total revamp based on logic, but kabam doesn't care. I've tried posting things about this before.
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