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Just Finished Abyss Easy Path

Aegon, Human Torch, Morningstar, Nick Fury, Heimdall. Started without Suicides, then maxed half way though. Fought like a drunk over 3 days and spent 5000 units :). Could’ve not rushed/tightened up and spent 1000 less or so.

- 6* Mephisto
- 6* Guillotine
- 5* Nick Fury (Duped Again)
- Tier 5 Cosmic CC - Rank 3’d Corvus!!!
- 6* Tech Awakening Gem

Now I’ll focus on putting resources into ranking other 6*, not sure who - Omega (unduped), Hulkbuster? Cull?

I love suicides and don’t play War.


  • SpideyFunkoSpideyFunko Posts: 8,042 ★★★★★

    wait till the buff goes live, (next Monday update I believe) and then mess around with HB and see if you like him. If you do, focus on him. If not, save the gem.

    As for six stars, Gulk is a good shout, HB if you like the buff, Hawkeye if you need power control or somehow haven’t done Variant 1.
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