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3 active players needing new ally.

Hey guys,
1.4M, 770k & 390k accounts are needing a new home after AQ.
Preferably AQ focused (map 5) with AW optional.
Thanks! 😁


  • Carx2912Carx2912 Posts: 45
    Add me on line; Carx2912
  • Jbyrd432Jbyrd432 Posts: 68
    Send me a message on Line at Jbyrd432. We have enough space for yall
  • Wright38Wright38 Posts: 27
    We have space too! Send me a message Wrighty38
  • MrPhookyMrPhooky Posts: 9
    Hey, we might has a spot for you in Iceberg.

    We run a mix of 5x5 and 65555 and are currently gold 3.

    We are also a family of alliances so if things get too much you can always move around!

  • swmcswswmcsw Posts: 249 ★★
    we run 554 100 both map 5 bgs. a couple decent players away from being consistent in bg 3. 2 bg wars. line alliance. add me on line if you think we would be a fit. swagz mcswaggin
  • WarlockPhdWarlockPhd Posts: 19
    Sounds like perfect match for us. Contact leader on line. The Number Juan
  • FF438FF438 Posts: 6
    I'll throw my hat in the ring.
    We run 2bgs map 5x5
    One bg map 6 x5
    Just finished aq with a score of 241m
    Not to crazy about war either we run 1 bg during off season and 2 during season if enough interest.
    If this sounds appealing you can reach me in game or on line FF438
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