Seasoned alliance needs active 2-3 members. Map 5 capable minimum. S1 almost G3

We are a strong alliance but life happens and affects players activity level. We are active but do understand that life gets in the way. Communication is key. We do require AQ, AW(required only in season) activity and run 654 and 554 for times life gets difficult but we do require activity. Very understanding alliance.
in game name is DrWey
contact me if you are interested.


  • DrkaraDrkara Posts: 75
    Still looking for active members for season 19. Summertime is coming and activity is a must but understand if time is limited. Contact me in game or line DrWey
  • DrkaraDrkara Posts: 75
    AQ mandatory, AW only mandatory during season. Best part no donations to treasury, we are cool like that..... lol kidding....
    Yes I’m a real doctor so we understand life happens. Map 5 ready, communicate well. Line preferred but if you can communicate in game well then not mandatory
  • DrkaraDrkara Posts: 75
    1 spot left. We are organized with assigned BGs to help prevent dupes. Communication is important. AQ > 140million, season mandatory war. Off season no war, only AQ mandatory.
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