Selected Champion

Saske97Saske97 Posts: 30
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I couldn't find a discussion addressing this, so I decided to open up this one.

Whenever we are entering a fight, the game automatically selects the strongest (highest prestige?) champion within the team you selected.
Many times I started a fight by mistake, simply pushing the button because of habit without realising that I was not using the champion I wanted, thinking that it would be the one I just used in the fight before.

Is it possible to make it so that the game automatically selects the same champion you used after your first fight? I think it would help, especially if you are exploring a simple quest or doing something like ROL or LOL were you could be using the same champion for many fights or when doing events where you have to use the same class, same tag or specific champions.

It would save time, prevent mistakes when people keep touching the screen just starting the fights and would be much more helpful for certain type of events.
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