New war map to bright for me

GamerGamer Posts: 6,380 ★★★★★
Now a suggestion why not make us choose with background u like to use. Just what I’m wil like I’m hates bright layout


  • kapt_krunchkapt_krunch Posts: 10
    I struggle with certain colors/color combinations. I see the color in the map but my mind doesn’t recognize it. I can’t tell you what color or shade it is. If I had to guess I would say white because of how bright it is. Please tone down.
  • Matt123Matt123 Posts: 7
    100% agree. The bright background and white font of defenders is tough. The dotted path lines are hard to see through the background as well. It’s a headache.
  • FlushFlush Posts: 54
    agree aw map colour to bright and needs be changed its eye sore looking at it
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