Alliance War Season 19: Node Combination Feedback

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Hey Summoners,

A lot of you have shared your opinions on Alliance War Nodes that you feel are more punishing than they should be. We've been reading through all of your feedback, and have learned a lot, but there are a lot of you, and feedback can get lost. This thread is for feedback only and has some different rules. Any posts that break these rules will be deleted immediately.

We want to hear from you, which Node Combinations do you think are more punishing than they should be? We are interested solely in Combinations of buffs, and not necessarily the Champions on a single buff. For example, Ebb and Flow - Intercept is a version of Aegis Intercept that lets you do some damage, even if you can't hit the opponent with an intercept, but the addition of Tenacity makes it too difficult because you can no longer Slow Rhino. This is what we want to hear about.

One action we are already taking is retooling the Aggression Fury+Oscillate combo. If you have more feedback on that, feel free to share it, but know that we are already working on it.

Important things to note:
- This is not a thread for conversation because we want to get direct feedback here. There will be no discussions in this thread. If you want to agree with somebody without adding more to their comment, give it an "Agree". If you disagree with them, give it a disagree. Give your own feedback, and avoid debates with others.
- Generalizations will be deleted. Comments like "Scrap it all" are not helpful, and will be removed.
- The goal here is to eliminate overly punishing nodes. Not everything listed here will be actioned on, as these Maps still need to challenge Alliance.
- If you have not experienced the new Map, or do not have insights from those that have, please refrain from commenting in this thread.

Thank you all for your feedback in advance, and we hope that we can use your feedback to make AW Season 19 and beyond the best it can be!


  • GmonkeyGmonkey Posts: 1,483 ★★★★
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    Hazard shift is a problem. You can bring in iceman and mephisto to counter so people will put on Masacre instant damage if you are incinerate immune, or 30% damage from incinerate if you are not. People placed iceman only counter is Mephisto. Elsa Bloodstone running suicides so only iceman is an option. Essentially the person that runs that lane would need mephisto, iceman and nick fury at high sig so you have enough health if Masacre is there. That means two champs for the first section, you still have rest of the path.
    Another option is Emma frost with colossus, though I need to test if you take degen or not.
  • EdeuinkEdeuink Posts: 1,150 ★★★★
    I play tier 6 gold 1 war. So far, my only death in the off-season has been to a hazard shift, limber korg. It wasn’t the most stacked korg I’ve ever fought, so I gave it a try. I was using human torch, and was planning to dex during the poison period. So, I go in. In the first poison period, I dex and it feeds korg crowd excitement. So, I try to parry. However, limber shortens my stun and I get parried as soon as I try to hit korg once the poison phase ends. I then proceed to get comboed into oblivion. So, my feedback is that hazard shift is too punishing of a node with too few counters. In my opinion, it should be changed to either include DoT that more champs are immune too, or the potency of the DoT effects should be reduced.
  • RotellyRotelly Posts: 562 ★★★
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    Tunnel Vision with Elsa, whenever she evades she has the ability to punish
    Tunnel Vision with Black Widow DO, whenever she evades she inflicts a sabotage debuff
  • gadgetfanaticgadgetfanatic Posts: 216

    1. widen the cooldown time
    2. put equally punishing (to the defender) passive buffs (for offensive champ) or debuffs (for the defender) during the cooldown time.
    3. specifically for ebb and flow - knockdown, introduce a passive debuff to deactivate or delay defensive abilities from activating right after the knockdown or as a result of the knockdown (answering to darkhawk and the like defenders)
    3. Remove the rapid metabolism and/or tenacity with it or,
    4. introduce sidestepping and/or banking as a form of intercept for the ebb and flow - intercept, as a less popular but probably more skilled solution if you want to retain item #3.
  • gadgetfanaticgadgetfanatic Posts: 216

    1. switch tunnel vision with mix master
    2. or simply remove tunnel vision
  • RigidRigid Posts: 130
    Hazard shift poison and incinerate and resistor was difficult.

    The counters all rely to much on either physical or energy as a damage type and you very quickly get into a situation where you can't damage what ever is placed there.

    Rhulk and Quake were the only counters we could think of as a counter and can't test that.

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