Trying for Elders Bain and Cavalier

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I'm about halfway through 5.4 to fully explore Act 5 and have completed 6.1.1. Goal is to become Cavalier, but still waiting for a counter to Crossbones/Biohazard nodes.

For this reason I still haven't taken a champ to rank 5. I have the resources to take any of the top line to rank 5. Or I can take a couple of other champs to rank 4. Who would you focus on, or would you continue to just wait for the right champ to make a move? Thanks!


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    Archangel to r5, he will completely melt ur opponents in r5, and yeah u will see a lot of electros , so he won't take a lot of damage from them also bcoz u would just be heavy attacking and seeing the opponent die.
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