Game Outage - fine it’s “not your fault” Kabam. But look now some alliances will get hurt (mine included) because they didn’t finish Before game went down. So aren’t we fast enough or u just simply ignore the fact that some people that plays this game have actual jobs - like a doctor for example or a father of 3 kids that “can’t play right now” because he have to give some attention to one of his sick sons...or maybe spend a time with his family....if u don’t know this kabam maybe u should start thinking who pays the bills?
So hey! This is not a complain...it’s actually a great solution proposal: NORMAL people have 8 hours of sleep so why don’t u just INCREASE THE AMOUNT OF ENERGY WE CAN HAVE from 5 to 8 and START with 5 instead of 3.

U will not have to give 30 minutes timers ever again because NO ONE will complain that he didn’t have enough time to clear his path. Because if he did than he doesn’t belong to this game.

Think about it kabam. It’s the easiest and fastest way u can IMPROVE LIFE to your player base that have to do this boring game mode only because they want the rewards.


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    The_Jagga81The_Jagga81 Posts: 71
    Check our history @Kabam Miike we have been top 90 since I can’t remember. Last week 73rd...now we got screwed. What’s your plan?

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    EdeuinkEdeuink Posts: 1,263 ★★★★
    That sounds like a great idea. Hopefully it’s addressed in the roadmap. Another thing I want to see addressed is the ability to auto-start aq, as it’s super annoying to log in at 12 PST every aq day to start aq.
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