Unable to complete the AQ due to today's issue

Due to the unplanned maintenance outage, we were not able to complete the AQ. Is someone else out there who suffered the same ?
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  • MetaphorUraniumMetaphorUranium Posts: 83
    Yes. Ours was unable to finish in one bg, which ruins our entire week score. We run 77666 or some similar combination to be top 90. We are likely screwed.

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  • akki_champ1akki_champ1 Posts: 21
    In my alliance as well, one 1 BG was unable to do it and we run 66655 to reach 300M which will be screwed now. Is Kabam working on some compensation ? I raised a ticket as well but now a days they dont address tickets at all. Only few auto-generated emails and an email in the last saying this ticket will be automatically closed.
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