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Hulkbuster R5 Worthy?

I have him at R4 rn

Hulkbuster R5 Worthy? 82 votes

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    Rank 4 maybe for fun but rank 5 might be a slight waste of catalysts. There are better champs
  • lowlevelplayerlowlevelplayer Posts: 2,659 ★★★★
  • Hammerbro_64Hammerbro_64 Posts: 4,692 ★★★★★
    edited June 29
    I have him as a 6* at r1, and I love playing as him, but I can already tell there will he so many awkward situations where he flat out doesn’t work, since he relies on heavies so much, and has a fairly shallow one at that.

    He is worth r4 imo so long as it’s not your first couple r4s. A fun (and somewhat effective) but not critical rankup

    He would only be worth r5 if you already have your main team mostly figured out and just want a fun rankup.
  • gsil6374gsil6374 Posts: 138 ★★
    If your sitting on catalyst to spend, then why not. Of course there are other choices more preferable, but not everyone has the luxury of picking the champions we want. Up to the person in the right circumstance, but I say go for it. I will taking mine up to rank 5 as I already have ghost and Dark Hawk at rank 5.
  • KDSuperFlash10KDSuperFlash10 Posts: 1,015 ★★★
    People are sleeping on Hulkbuster. Just cuz you're not Ghost doesn't mean you're a bad champion, he's a pretty awesome champion and way, way better than his pre-buff form.
  • RookiieRookiie Posts: 483 ★★★
    Yeah he looks like good fun with some nice utility. All he needs is a synergy to increase his shock duration and he's good.
  • MenkentMenkent Posts: 505 ★★★
    I think this was a really well done buff. He will be a really good option for v2/v3 and could be used here and there in act6 and maybe even some paths in aq/aw. But I still don't see him up there with ghost, warlock, or even guilly. They made him so you can use him, but he wont upset the larger champ balance of the game.
  • mbracembrace Posts: 279
    edited June 30
    He can kill opponents pretty fast. The SP1 is hitting really hard for use in shorter fights. He’s a solid lane clearer. Bring some utility champs and you are good, because HB doesn’t bring things like immunities and evade counter to the table.
  • DjinDjin Posts: 510 ★★★
    He's rank 4 worthy not rank 5.
  • SavageSavage Posts: 317 ★★★
    edited June 30
    Don't know why people think r5 a champ is such a big deal. Sure if they are duds or have niche use then yeah it's a waste of materials but if they are good in general... the champ will get your content done. I r2 warlock but I also have a r5 imiw. Still use both in endgame regardless of their power levels. Skill may play a bit of a role, but I don't really have fun only r5ing the best of the best.
  • ReferenceReference Posts: 1,013 ★★★
    The buff of HB vs Colossus are different.
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